Ledger Nano S Review

Ledger Nano S Review – Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Ledger Nano S is a Bitcoin, Altcoins and Ethereum equipment wallet which depends on robust security features for putting away cryptographic assets and ensuring advanced installments. It can connect with any PCs (USB) and embedded an assured OLED show to double check and affirm every exchange with a solitary tap on its side buttons. Read here full ledger nano s review here.


Latest Generation Hardware

When you own cryptographic forms of money or cryptocurrencies, you have to ensure your confidential information and the entrance to your assets. With Ledger Nano S, secret facts like private keys are never uncovered: Sensitive operations are confined inside your hardware wallet within a state-of-the-art Secure Element, locked by a PIN code. Transactions can’t get messed with, they are physically checked on the embedded screen with a basic push on a button. Go through ledger nano s review for understanding its features and application and also how to use it.

Pay And Authenticate

Ledger Nano S incorporates Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic companion applications, and other blockchain-based cryptographic forms of money. You can send and receive payments, check your records and deal with various locations for each money from a similar gadget. Nano S likewise underpins the FIDO® Universal Second Factor standard that disentangles the validation procedure on compatible online services, for example, Gmail, Dashlane, Dropbox or GitHub.

Quick Tour
    • First step: Connect your Nano S to a USB port
    • Transactions: Check and do confirm with buttons
    • Fido Authentication: Stronger validation  for online services
  • Configuration: Create a new multi-account wallet
  • Restoration: Import any compatible backup
  • Settings: Personalize your ledger nano s

  • ledger nano s wallet

    In this ledger nano s review, we tried our best to list almost every important things about this bitcoin hardware wallet



    Ledger Nano S supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and altcoins: hold diverse resources in a similar hardware wallet.

    Built-In Display

    Check and affirm exchanges on the show and affirm with utilizing the physical buttons(against malware second variable).


    Your private information is never uncovered: it is secured inside a firmly confined condition locked by a PIN code


    Utilize companion applications, for example, cryptocurrencies wallets, and furthermore FIDO® U2F, GPG, SSH or assemble your own particular applications.

    Fido® Certified U2F

    Ledger wallet supports the FIDO® Universal Second Factor Authentication standard on Google, Dropbox, GitHub or Dashlane.

    Backup & Restoration

    Your accounts are backed up by a recuperation sheet. Simple reclamation on any Ledger wallet or perfect wallets (BIP39/BIP44).




    Secure Element

    Ledger Nano S is based on a double chip design (ST31/STM32, Certification level: CC

    Pin Code

    Ledger Nano S ensures only you can access your accounts by requiring a 4 digit PIN code each time it is connected to your PC.

    Malware Proof

    Initialization or restoration of your setup is completely done in the secure condition of the bitcoin hardware wallet or Ledger Nano S. Your cryptographic secrets are never exposed to the outside world.


    Your private keys are never held or known by ledger wallet or a third party: they are hard locked in the Secure Element. With Ledger Nano S, your wallet remains decentralized, you are your own bank.


    Companion apps

    The Ledger Nano S runs dedicated companion applications. To profit by the latest apps and security features, the Ledger Manager enables firmware updates and browsing through the apps list
    ledger nano s apps


    Ledger Nano S operates with its own cryptocurrencies wallet interfaces: Ledger Apps (free Google Chrome applications). You can also use other compatible software wallets from the accompanying list.

    ledger nano s features


    bitcoin hardware wallet



    Dimension & Weight

    Size:- 98mm x 18mm x 9mm.



    Mac (10.8+), Windows (7+),  Chrome OS or Linux. Needs Google Chrome or Chromium, and one USB port to plug your Ledger Nano-S.

    Microcontrollers & Connector

    Connector: – USB Type Micro-B.
    Certification level: – CC EAL5+.
    Chips:- ST31H320 (secure) + STM32F042.


    Plastic and Brushed stainless steel.

    ledger nano s

    The Ledger Nano comes nicely packaged and includes the following items:

    • Ledger Nano S
    • 1 micro-USB cable
    • Lanyard for wearing device around neck
    • One keychain and key ring
    • Recovery sheet for writing down seed

    Here is the ledger wallet compared to the other three popular hardware wallets:

    Ledger Nano S vs trezor


    Benefit Outcome
    Cheap The Ledger Nano S model is at present one of the cheapest Hardware Wallet that permit you to store numerous currencies.
    Protect Stores Private Keys inside a secured range of a microcontroller, and can’t be transferred out of the gadget in plaintext
    Compatible Native Chrome Extention (Ledger Bitcoin/Ethereum Wallet) and outside services (Copay, Electrum, Mycelium, MyEthereWallet, GreenBits and BitGo)
    Open Source All Ledger Apps are completely Open Source, so anybody can access all source codes to confirm code paths and add to the improvement.
      • ledger nano s pin

    Ledger Wallet Chrome applications

    Nano S comes with a set of Chrome applications to manage your cryptocurrency wallets. The Bitcoin Chrome app is an award-winning wallet featuring multi-accounts and rich settings.

    In order to manage ethers (the cryptocurrency from the Ethereum network), we have launched a dedicated Chrome app, functioning on the same principles as the Bitcoin one. You can have different accounts and securely receive or send ETH/ETC from your Nano S.

    The Ledger Manager is a tool to update your firmware and install new applications on your Nano S.

    Chrome applications

    • Ledger Wallet Bitcoin Chrome app
    • Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome app

    In This ledger nano s review post we  find out each and every feature of ledger wallet

    Highlights Of Ledger Nano S

    • Confirmation of transactions on the embedded screen
    • Built-in 4 digit PIN security lock
    • Built-in onboarding (seed generation and recovery)
    • BIP39 seed (12/18/24 words), easy backup and restoration
    • Multi-apps support: FIDO U2F, GPG, SSH…
    • USB connectivity
    • Foldable and compact casing
    • Compatible with Ledger Wallet Bitcoin Chrome application and Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome application


    General this is a reasonable, secure, and user-friendly solution for disconnected affirmation of Bitcoin and Altcoin transactions. I would suggest that any person who has Bitcoin and can stand to sink just shy of 70 bucks into better security consider the Nano S, as I am totally appreciating using this gadget. This is our ledger nano s review.

    The Ledger Nano S is truly less expensive than most equipment models out there today, at by and large $65 for this specific device — and you can, obviously, pay in bitcoin. It’s also open source and designer neighborly, as additional applications can be incorporated. My tyke and I had some good times time investigating diverse avenues with respect to the hardware wallet and expect to soften it up by including more Bitcoin and possibly some Ether. Understand this gadget better with our ledger nano s review. We will let you know where to buy ledger nano s.

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